Non Drivable Car Transport Australia Wide

Are you Moving a non-running car that you purchased interstate?

Customers look interstate for the vehicle they need. If you’ve purchased a car/4wd interstate, we’ll lift it and convey it to your home, workshop or repairman.
Damaged cars are regularly undrivable or vehicles that are risky to drive.
If it rolls and has wheels, we can help you.
We have relationships with many car transport companies that can help us with your non-drivable quote.
We can quote most anything as non-drivable; if you are unsure, please ask.
Or fill out the quote request and one of our office staff will get back to you with an answer either way.

Transport Non-Running Cars

Bought a non-runner and need it transported home, or do you have a non-standard vehicle that needs moving

Transit times for Non-running vehicles vary as moving these types of cars is more involved and requires more care and thought to get it on and off.
So please understand that we can only estimate transit times for you as some carriers only run certain days and collect certain days.
Rural areas are not serviced every day, and customers must be flexible with collection dates in these areas.